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Looks like an excellent issue. Congratulations for all concerned and for continuing to produce this high quality contribution to the field, I appreciate the effort and quality control practices that are necessary to publish something of this standard.

Best Wishes


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Dear Colleagues

The latest issue of Locale<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/> is now available online.
Many thanks to the authors and reviewers who made this issue possible.

Community Gardens And Farmers' Markets: Exploring representations of food culture in the Illawarra<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2004%20-%20Arvela.pdf>
Paula Arvela
Abstract<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#> Keywords<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#>

"Sunshine Has A Taste, You Know": Using regional food memoirs to develop values-based food practices<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2005%20-%20Brien%20and%20McAllister.pdf>
Donna Lee Brien and Margaret McAllister
Abstract<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#> Keywords<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#>

Myanmar To Coffs Harbour: The role of food in regional refugee settlement<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2006%20-%20Hughes.pdf>
Mandy Hughes
Abstract<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#> Keywords<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#>

Manaakitanga And M?ori Food: Theoretical perspectives of advancement<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2007%20-%20Neill,%20Williamson,%20and%20Berno.pdf>
Lindsay Neill, David Williamson, and Tracy Berno
Abstract<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#> Keywords<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#>

The Many Meanings of Curry: Australian constructions of Indian food<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2008%20-%20Simpson.pdf>
Ian Simpson
Abstract<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#> Keywords<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/#>

Community/Industry Forum: Contemporary Culinary Education and Food Systems Thinking<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2009%20-%20Forum%20Introduction.pdf>
Mary Allan<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2009.1%20-%20Forum%20-%20Allan.pdf>
Julian Bond<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2009.2%20-%20Forum%20-%20Bond.pdf>
Bernard Casavant C.C.C.<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2009.3%20-%20Forum%20-%20Casavant.pdf>
Roger Haden<http://localejournal.org/issues/n5/Locale%20n5%20-%2009.4%20-%20Forum%20-%20Haden.pdf>

With thanks, Adele (for Adele and Mike Evans)

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