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For those of you local, the next Northern Rivers Food event is announced below.
Please share regional food events in your area using the email list: rfn-l at scu.edu.au

Regards, Adele.

NRF Industry Events

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The NRF Grower Committee Presents...
Epicurean (r)Evolution

Wednesday 11th October
Beach Byron Bay

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For all our fabulous Northern Rivers Food producers of boutique, craft, niche, artisan & gourmet farm products…this one is for you!

We’ll be focusing on the gourmet food trends that have come and gone and will dabble in some predictions for the future! We’ll hear insights about how to market your products and sell for the money it’s worth. And for those considering an online market for all your farm goodies, we’ll hear about an easy online solution to sell directly to consumers.

Join the Northern Rivers Food community for another super interesting industry session. 

Amy Colli, Gastronomic Goodness will be our facilitator for the evening.

Our Speakers will include:

Samantha Gowing, Gowings Food Health Wealth
'Gastronomy Food Trends'

[cid:image003.jpg at 01D33154.1EF7B340]

Image Credit: Nelly le Comte

Samantha Gowing from Gowings Food Health Wealth<http://www.foodhealthwealth.com/>
will take us on a tasty journey…from the fab to the flops! What’s hot and what’s not…with a tale of our epicurean past and trends for the future.

Victoria Tulloch, Kindred Story
'How to Market & Sell Your Product for What it’s Worth'

[cid:image004.jpg at 01D33154.1EF7B340]

Victoria Tulloch from Kindred Story<http://www.kindredstory.com/> will offer valuable marketing insights to our boutique, craft, niche, & artisan gourmet food producers – how to market & sell your product for what it’s worth.

Monique Barwell, Farmhouse Direct
'Selling Direct to Consumers Online with Farmhouse Direct'

[cid:image005.jpg at 01D33154.1EF7B340]

Monique Barwell from Farmhouse Direct<https://www.farmhousedirect.com.au/> offers an easy way to sell farm products online, from farm to the consumer …with a little help from our friends at Australia Post.

NRF Members & non-members are all very welcome. 

Tickets cost: $35 (plus booking fee) for NRF Members and $55 (plus booking fee) for non-members.

Ticket cost includes delicious Beach Byron Bay nibblies and a drink on arrival (additional drinks can be purchased from the bar).

More info & Register here now<https://register.eventarc.com/39285/epicurean-revolution>

This event is proudly sponsored by Farmhouse Direct & Australia Post for the Northern Rivers Food community.

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